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Cloud technology services are evolving rapidly, and new offerings change regularly. Don’t go it alone! Leverage an experienced cloud computing professional to help you develop a plan linked to your strategic business goals and objectives.

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Migrate Your Data to the Cloud

Moving data to the cloud comes with many caveats that many not be immediately understood. Many cloud data servers will let you move terabytes of data to the cloud and then charge you egress fees when you want to retrieve that data. For some businesses this makes sense, cuts cost and puts your data where it is needed. For other businesses, a better solution is needed that reduces or removes these fees and replaces them with a slightly higher flat fee. Every vendor works different and mistakes around small choices, like this one, are expensive.

We Bring Our Experts to You

Let us bring our experts to you and determine what type of solution fits your business best. We offer security and network enhancement options that will make your experience the best it can be. Many businesses move data to the cloud only to find that their NEW solution is slowing down their staff. We offer SD-WAN options to speed up important network access to your database, CRM solution or billing software and slowdown low priority data items that kill productivity. Small changes like this can make a HUGE difference when your new solution goes live. We want to see your business grow and flourish as much as you do. Plus, after implementing a new business solution, you should get a solid pat on the back and not complaints.