Hosted Telephone Systems

Hosted telecommunications is driving productivity and profitability in business today. Customers want and expect immediate responses from the businesses that they work with every day. That’s where hosted telephone systems come in. In this era of instant gratification, the companies that don’t have the best in communications are losing business.

Organizations require better communications between their staff members and collaboration tools are filling this need while making it easier to work from anywhere. Video conferencing and file sharing have transformed the way business gets done.

Adhering to established guidelines, we work with strategic partners to assess market options, pinpoint technologies and services, equipment vendors, and the carriers best-suited to meet your needs. We then provide detailed quotes for hosted telephone systems to provide you with the features you want at the best possible price. Then we back up your decision with our seamless, efficient installation management and support service.

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Unified Communications are the Answer

Unified Communications systems are the new answer in business. The phone on your desk is no longer the extent of your communications system. Other more efficient options are now pushing business forward.

  • Mobile Apps now allow calls to be answered anywhere (via a tablet, PC, laptop or smartphone).
  • Voicemail to Email allows you to playback voice messages from your email.
  • Voicemail Transcription allows you to read your VM messages without having to listen to them.
  • Call Tracking and Reporting gives you real data on your daily calls.
  • Call Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is helping business to stay one step ahead of their customers using call data to feed questions to call center agents.

This technology is also allowing staff to work more efficiently from just about anywhere. It reduces monthly commute time and cost for staff. It reduces expenses for business owners by cutting down on lost time and frustration. This simultaneously provides a boost in staff productivity, helps improve moral, enhances the customer experience, cuts real estate needs for businesses in high rent districts and brings organizations together.

Your Unique Requirements Lead to Our Unique Solution

These gains come from deploying the latest technology but, not just any hosted UCaaS solution will work. Every hosted telephone provider offers similar features but, they don’t all work the same way. They don’t all integrate with your CRM software, they don’t all cost the same and they don’t all feel the same way when you use them. It can also take anywhere from 1-4 months to completely install a new telecom solutions project. Many times, the carrier you choose can play a huge roll in how long the installation process takes. Don’t want to waste time searching through endless providers looking for what you need (and don’t need). Don’t accidentally install the wrong solution or find yourself overwhelmed by all the options. Trust the experts.

This is where Cloud Service Advisors shines. Our consultants work, within your requirements, to bring your team up-to-date information on innovations, explain systems features, show the pros and cons of certain carriers, discuss related infrastructure requirements to finalize the scope and meet your budget. We can even bring vendor professionals right to your office and leverage their expertise and experience to help your team make the best decisions for your business.